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  • The affiliation of the gym and the athlete's card is valid for one year(calendar year).

  • Once registered, the athletes will be given theOfficial card of the WBPF.

  • The affiliated gyms at the end of each sports season, based on the results they will achieve, will have a placement in thechampionship for gyms and they will get official recognition and a trophy for the best gym in Italy.

  • The affiliated gym and the registered athlete will have the opportunity to participate in federal activities during the course of the sports season. These activities will consist of eventsNationals and level outputsInternational.

    • Consisting of:

      • National events

      • International events

      • Seminars and training courses 

       They will also have access to exclusive prices equal to 25% off.​

  • Athletes will be able to register for national events with an exclusive price equal to 40% discount, only if registered with the federation and enrolled in an affiliated gym.

  • Registered athletes will have access to the selection competitions for international travel, once selected, they will be provided with the official WBPF Italy kit.

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