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Affiliation Project

The main objective of the WBPF-Italia Project is the promotion of a healthy sport aimed primarily at athletes, not as a source of business alone but as a source of value for Body Building.


In order to rebuild the foundations of our project we need Body Building to return to gyms, and to ensure that this is an added value to our world we need to recreate athletes who do not need to look for the extremes of a Body Building in which there is no we recognize.


To achieve this goal we need the convinced support of gyms and of those who have contributed to making Body Building great in all these years and who wish to make a change in our beloved sport, contributing to the formation of a network of associated gyms that carry on the most beautiful version of Body Building.


WBPF-Italia undertakes to give support to the gyms that will join our cause, giving advertising space on our official website and on our social pages, will give discounts regarding registrations to the competitions for athletes coming from affiliated gyms and will also undertake to give constant technical support to athletes and Gym Managers, also providing discounts on our training courses for instructors and Personal Trainers.




Alle Palestre
Attestato di affiliazione WBPF Italia
Possibilità di tesserare i propri atleti alla federazione
Possibilità di ospitare corsi e seminari WBPF Italia
Spazio pubblicitario dedicato sul sito federale
Partecipare al campionato italiano per palestre
Partecipare a tutte le attività federali
Possibilità di frequentare i corsi federali con il 25% di sconto
Assistenza e supporto tecnico sempre

Annual contribution to the federation of €150

Agli Atleti
Tessera ufficiale WBPF Italia
Supporto tecnico sempre
Iscrizione alle gare nazionali, al costo di 40€ anziché 70€, se iscritti a palestra affiliata
Accesso alle gare di selezione qualificanti alle gare internazionali
Pubblicazione nel ranking ufficiale WBPF Italia
Spazio di promozione multimediale sul sito e sulle pagine social

Annual contribution to the federation of €50

Who chose us

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